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Why Mniam?

- proven concept and taste as well as individual approach to each franchise point

in the era of business scalability, without understanding market volatility


- adaptation of the premises + initial payment of PLN 20 thousand

- monthly percentage fee on income

- marketing fee

Housing conditions?

- own or rented premises, preferably on the ground floor with a parking space

(we advise at every stage, also in finding a place, and help in creating a technological project)


Who do we see in the team?

- a natural, resourceful person with management skills and ready to fully devote himself to business, taking the risk of business and caring for success

What do we require?

- acting at your own risk

- dedication to the project

- investments in equipment, furnishings and arrangement of the premises

- work on the system of supplying products and services identical for the entire network

regular payments, every month, to Mniam Yum on earned income


What can we offer

- assistance at every stage of operation (from consultations in finding a flat, through technological projects, to the possibility of helping in finding investment financing)

- interior design projects

- training in the field of gastronomic, managerial and customer service activities

- advertising materials designs

- help in organizing local marketing and continuous marketing support

- top-down administration of social media profiles

- the possibility of selling on the platform as well as through network applications

- sales support

- comprehensive, macro branding

- a handbook of cooperation rules

- attractive prices for the purchase of semi-finished products and services

- the possibility of using sales programs

- possibility of renting a mini car - a chain food truck

- and many more that you will learn about when opening Mniama.


Advantages of the franchise

- great support at the start

- saving time needed for the organization and launch of the project

- avoiding costly mistakes and wrong decisions

- marketing support

- using the tools of the entire network

- new ideas and solutions flowing from the top


Our franchise program covers the following provinces

- Śląskie, Łódzkie

- Opole, Świętokrzyskie

- Masovian and Lesser Poland

- preferred localities with a population of over 45,000 or other

when the characteristics of the locality state otherwise

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