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MNIAM MNIAM has experience in catering services for larger events such as proms, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. We are able to personalize the card for a given client and extend it with completely different items than the standard ones. Using extensive contacts with the industry, we have a really rich catering menu. We also provide services to companies, schools and institutions on preferential terms (more details on the collective orders page). Your catering can also be handled by YELLOW . We look forward to working with you!


MNIAM MNIAM works in the event industry, supporting events or specific tourist places or sports events like

and initiatives. We have the equipment and experience to provide catering facilities for such an event. In special cases, we can help to promote the initiative. We also have a MANDATORY which can moor you on a mobile basis at a given event. If you are interested in cooperation in this area, contact me and I will handle your event.

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